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MAD MEN, as the Account Mgr/ Artist for 3 seasons. 

Typecasting as I really was a Manhattan Artist and Art Director. 


Goliath 1x07 'Beauty And TheBeast '.  An Amazon Prime show.

Billy Bob (Thornton) spots me drawing him on the pier and he doesn't seem to like it. An Improv and I did do the drawing as well. 

The Conspicuous Artist AKA Artist on Pier.  

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About Me

My Beginnings

Since a young age, I've been in love with performing. I would often present long, in-depth shows to my parents and their friends at dinner parties. Their encouragement led me to study the performing arts at an incredible college.

My Favorite Work

At the end of the day, the work I enjoy the most is when the audience feels connected to my performance. There's nothing worse than an audience that doesn't react to you and just watches passively. 

My Life Today

I'm very lucky to be doing what I love as my profession. This job allows me to travel and meet interesting new people all the time. I hope we are able to work together soon!


John Doe

"If you're looking for someone to be the life of your next party, look no further. So many of my guests were laughing and crying, sometimes both!"

Anytown Entertainment

"This performer knows how to get into the headspace of the audience. They gave an enthralling performance from start to finish."

Jane Doe

"I've already recommended this performer to all my friends. They were so lovely and professional. I can't wait to work with them again!"

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